As soon as the winter winds start blowing, you know it’s time to brace yourself for the cold weather. You need to get back to winter clothes shopping as soon as the temperatures start falling. If you will experience winter for the first time, do not stress your closet about buying inappropriate clothes. Get all the winter essentials but do not buy more than you need. You can consult this guide on what essential winter wear you need to survive your first winter.

A long winter coat

Not only should you buy a winter coat, but it should be long enough to cover your behind. If it is short, it will not keep you warm enough during the cold climate. Find a winter coat that gets at least to your mid-thigh with multipurpose features such as a zip-off hood or fur that you can take off when in the snow or rain. It should also be waterproof to cover you during frequent rains or snow.


Maybe you already know about sweaters for the winter. Choose at least two thin sweaters with a full neck that you can wear beneath your winter coat for that extra warmth. You can also find an oversize one to wear while at home.

A beanie

You may not be a beanie wearer, but there are days of the winter when you will need a Hot Paws beanie. Since about 30% of the body’s heat escapes through the head, a beanie comes in handy to prevent that. You can slip it off beneath your hoodie to keep your ears and head warm. You can also choose hats that have ear flaps or fur for extra warmth.

Waterproof boots

Before the winter kicks in, ensure you have waterproof boots to push you through all the freezing rain and deep snow. Choose fur-lined boots that can provide extra warmth to your feet. Note that you also need to consider your location and the level of snow it gets. If your area does not experience a lot of snow, boots with lower sides will be perfect as you won’t need to trek through the snow. On the other hand, boots with high sides and a waterproof exterior are suitable for those in areas that snow a lot.

Mittens or warm gloves

Your hands are the first part of the body that gets cold, and some mittens or a warm pair of gloves will improve the discomfort. You can purchase mittens if you prefer your fingers to move around and keep each other warm. Gloves make it easier to hold or grab things such as your credit card without taking them off. If you need to be on your smartphone continually, some tech-friendly leather gloves are practical and professional.

Warm socks

You need warm socks to wear beneath your winter boots. For more warmth, choose wool socks, especially for only rain boots. They have the additional benefit of being cozy.

A scarf

Do not underestimate the power of an oversized scarf during winter. You can wrap it around your neck for more warmth, layer it under your winter coat as extra cloth on your chest or cover yourself up when you are freezing in the office, train, or plane.

Final words

Ensure you buy winter clothes that meet your personal needs.